Sahodaya which means ‘to rise up together’ is a non-residential skill development program which offers various evidence based therapies to assist people with mental illnesses or disabilities (our clients) to develop and maintain sustainable and meaningful lifestyles.
Our approach is a combination of pharmacology and psychosocial interventions. Besides the affected we also work with their families and society which is integral to the holistic treatment.


  • To develop skills needed to live an optimal life.
  • To reintegrate them into society.


  • To provide the client with a structured daily schedule.
  • To help the client develop cordial relationship within the family, in the Centre and the society.
  • To develop skills either which were not gained or lost due to the illness and hence minimize their shortfalls.
  • To learn management of time, money and other resources.
  • To help the families with the coping skills and to enhance the productivity of other members.
  • To provide opportunities to work in a protected environment with minimal supervision

Program Components

Skill Development

Family Support Group – Carers Hope

Client Support Group – Friends Club

Who needs it?

Psychological disabilities cannot be exclusively treated pharmacologically but it requires rehabilitation as well. A person with psychological disabilities can be identified through the following criteria:
1. Feeling sad/worthless or hopeless
2. Very lethargic or exhausted
3. Loss of interest in regular activities
4. Increased or decreased appetite
5. Difficulty in concentrating
6. Sleep Disturbances
7. Excessive guilt
8. Death wishes, suicidal ideas
9. Constantly worrying that something terrible will happen
10. Sudden intense fear accompanied by palpitations, sweating and choking
11. Repetitive thoughts and impulses
12. Hearing voices talking to you or about you that you can’t explain
13. Believing things that are not true
14. Feel like you mind is being controlled
15. Very suspicious of others.
16. Extreme forgetfulness