About Us

COOJ Mental Health Foundation (COOJ) is a registered Charitable Trust (Reg. Number 2211/02) that works towards promoting mental health in Goa. Since our inception, we have been tirelessly reaching out to people who have been affected with mental illness or disability. We operate projects under 4 major mental health needs: Psychosocial rehabilitation, Suicide Prevention, Geriatric & Dementia Care and Community Mental health. As part of our work we run mental health clinics, day care centres, support groups, conduct rural camps, workshops, awareness programmes and a suicide prevention helpline, besides advocating the rights of persons with mental illness.

Vision Statement

COOJ envisions a just, humane, healthy and more tolerant society wherein every individual regardless of their level of ability is given the opportunity to achieve his/her full potential thus enhancing individual respect and dignity through better quality of life.

Mission Statement

To promote mental well being and recovery by creating an environment that provides high quality services using therapeutic and evidence based practices, information sharing, education, advocacy and a unified effort to all persons irrespective of class, religion, or cultural differences thus creating pathways for mainstreaming.

Our Registrations

All necessary legal registrations have been done as follows:

  • COOJ Mental Health Foundation Trust is registered at Mapuca, Bardez, Goa, India, Sub- Registrar Department -No. 2211/Goa/2002

  • As a Charitable Trust under Section 12AA(1)(b)(i) of the Income Tax Department – F.No. C-14/12A/CIT/PNJ/2004-05

  • Under provisions of the PWD Act 1995- Act 1 of 1996 at the Directorate of Social Welfare DSW/CERT/15/2005 – renewed as of DSW/REN/CERT/02/2016-17 valid till June, 2019

  • Income Tax Department for 80G tax rebate, order no F.No. CIT/PNJ/C-21/132/80G/2009-10

  • Registered under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act 2010 Registration No: 271830158 with Punjab National Bank, Mapuca Branch account number 14963 and reference NO.II/21022/87(0005)/2010-FCRA-II