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Sahodaya – Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program

Sahodaya which means ‘to rise up together’ is a non-residential skill development  program which offers various evidence based therapies to assist people with mental illnesses or disabilities (our clients) to develop and maintain sustainable and meaningful lifestyles.
Our approach is a combination of pharmacology and psycho-social interventions. Besides the affected we also work with their families and society which is integral to the holistic treatment.
The different, carefully-planned sessions are tailor-made to suit individual needs. This creates opportunities for the development of independent living skills and assistance to manage the illness in a way that would reduce the need for hospital admissions.
Being exposed to the program at Sahodaya daily over a period of time results in enhancement of personal growth and self understanding, allowing clients to pick up their lives again and get back to work or school thus restoring self respect and dignity.


To develop skills needed to live an optimal life & To reintegrate them into society.
Keeping in mind its aim, COOJ offers a variety of services both individual and group, to assist people who are undergoing psychological distress to obtain professional guidance irrespective of the nature or intensity of the problem. A high level of ethical values is followed especially with respect to confidentiality.


To provide the client with a structured daily schedule
To help the client develop cordial relationship within the family, in the Centre and the society
To develop skills either which were not gained or lost due to the illness and hence minimize their shortfalls
To learn management of time, money and other resources
To help the families with the coping skills and to enhance the productivity of other members
To provide opportunities to work in a protected environment with minimal supervision

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.” – Charlotte Whitton

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